Friday, 14 April 2017

What kind of fool .... ?

What kind of fool am I? 

I will show you later!

The problem with this blog-writing thing I have found is this.

I write my blog - I am fired with enthusiasm, I am proud of myself for actually doing it. I want to write another one, but it is too soon, only hours. So I will wait, just a day or two, well maybe a week. And then ..... before you know it, weeks have passed. 

So I have a couple of things to share with you. 

I will do it through the medium of tiny, tiny pictures that you will need to click to see anything at all. I am so sorry, I don't know how to do any better.


This is La-D-Da's Basket Weave Needle case which was launched at Nashville market last year, I think. It has been stitched for ages but recently finished. It's an effective design isn't it?     

( Now - can I say at this point that I manipulated these pictures to sit side by side. Let's see what happens when I post.)       


This little needle case was also stitched a long time ago but remained unfinished. I think it was a freebie, but I am happy to be corrected. It looks fine, but actually it doesn't have a page inside yet for needles as I didn't have anything suitable. I made a little circle of beads to hide where I joined the ribbon to the spine ( I forgot to slip it inside the seam when I was stitching it together!) but - it looks like a tiny buckle - so now it's a design feature! 

I know, you are all thinking this girl is no fool, with her design features and all, what can the blog title possibly mean?

It means this. 


I sent this picture of my spring ornament to several friends who all admired it - it is their duty so to do - but they missed the mistake which even I couldn't fudge. Can you see it?

Here is where I am with my Quaker book SAL. I finished the first page and have just started on the second. I am liking it and I think the colour will be OK. Thank you for your reassurance.

I have a few other things to share, but they can wait til my next blog in a few hours, or days, or weeks.

Thank you for reading, and for your comments after my long absence, I really appreciate it.

Just this last picture, then if you insist. This is my entrance dressed for Easter.


Have a lovely Easter doing just what pleases you and your loved ones. 

Just eat the chocolate, for goodness sake!

Irene xxx