Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Talking to myself......

Do you do it too?

Talk to yourself?

Not in general life, although there is time for that too, but when stitching?

I say to myself things like ' to the end and one more' and 'up in one steps' and 'three the same'

No doubt any non-stitcher listening to these muttered ramblings would be quietly backing out of the room whilst phoning for those white-coated men, but I bet stitchers know what I mean.

I look at the chart and think I know what I'm doing, but during that split second as I transfer my gaze back to the linen, unless I have actually said the words out loud, so that I can hear them, I have forgotten what I am supposed to do.

I know!

It's bad, really bad.

Anyway, I did manage to concentrate long enough to actually finish something.

I would like to thank Ms Stacy Nash for this pretty thing. It is her 'Tribute to Summer' sampler and I just love it. I loved to stitch it and I love it now. That's a lot of love!

The sun, a rare object in our Northern skies, is shining today but the wooden window things are casting shadows. Some people are never happy!

I have this thing about leaving a light on in any houses I sew, so I have here too.

Stacy's instructions recommend using two threads for the white flowers - but hey - she's just the designer, I know better than her so I'll just use one!!


I did actually like the damask look of one thread, but then thought 'Well, OK, I'll try it her way' and stitched the next one using two threads.

Mmm again. Quite like the crunchy look of two threads too.

So rather than frog out one flower, I decided to mix the flowers, using one and two threads randomly.

And I love it.

Did I say that before?

Now a quick update on my Scarlet Letter Challenge sampler Diligence.

These colours are so vibrant and the words are so hard!!

Well the words themselves are not hard, as such, no - its the spacings in-between the letters that are hard.

It takes me ages and an awful awful lot of the above mentioned out-loud mutterings to decide where to start the next letter. I finished the word 'Diligence' - I know - the very first word - and immediately had to adjust the position of my second word to make it fit!

This is not good.

There are many words still to go. This is going to be sore-throat-makingly tedious.

But hey, it's not a race. Is it??

Just to finish, a quick photo of Bronte, caught whilst almost sleeping in the sun this morning.

She will cheer your day. She cheers every day for me.

Thank you so much for your comments and welcome again new followers.

It's lovely to have you here.

Irene xxx