Thursday, 20 August 2009

Too hard!!

I need to write a quick post to say that it is too hard!

Patti's 'rules' are that the award is passed on to blogs that are smile worthy and not necessarily to those of people who follow or comment regularly on your own blog. These rules are good rules.

But - finding only six blogs that especially make me smile from the very many that I read every day that make me smile, is just too hard. And because I was so pleased to get the award from Patti I don't want to award mine in a higgledy piggledy, devil may care, what does it matter, kind of way.

At the moment I have three definite nominations, but the other three........????

And tomorrow I go on holiday so there will be a two-week gap in my posts. So, if your blog is funny, or flippant, or wry, or dry, or just crazy, hold you might be you!

Well, OK - it is two weeks, you can have a couple of breaths if you really need them.

Happy holidays

Thursday, 13 August 2009

My first blog award!

I was delighted to see that Patti had given me this award. How cute is this? Thank you so much Patti, for the award and more importantly, for the sentiment that goes with it.

Now I need to pass on this smiley acknowledgement by choosing 6 blogs which make me smile too. No easy task - I could give this to many lovely interesting funny blogs. So, if you will forgive me, I will take a little time to think about it.

It feels so special to receive this, and it is wonderful to have contact and even make friends with people all over the world. A few years ago, such a thing would be beyond imagining.

Best wishes, and again many thanks. I am off to peruse some of favourite blogs.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A gift for a friend

I made this little needle case as a surprise gift for my blogger friend Patti. She has been so supportive and always writes a lovely comment when I post. We live at different ends of the country, but found out recently that as we are both members of The Sampler Guild, we will both be attending the Jackie du Plessis classes in this country in May next year - so we will meet. In fact we have arranged to be room mates! I can see it will be great fun!!

The basic chart for this is from the French book 'Miniatures au Point de Croix' but I added the 'les aiguilles' bit (it seemed more exotic than 'needles') and I just made up the construction as I went along. Actually this slap-dash approach led to the formation of the little pocket which could hold packets of needles, or threaders, along with loose needles on the flappy bit. I think I will do this again. I stitched it one over one with Vikki Clayton's Blueberry Soup silk. My exceptional photography means that you can't see it ties with a ribbon bow. I included a few tiny antique buttons, a little tin heart and a few of those little tags you can just see on the top, which say things like 'made with love', 'created for you' and 'hand made'.

Patti mailed me this morning to say she is delighted so - if she is pleased, I am pleased - and I was very very happy to stitch it for her. Thank you again, Patti, and here's to our stitching weekend.

By the way, Patti has a super draw happening at the moment, to celebrate the safe arrival of her grandson Oliver, so pop on over and have a look.

The Sampler Guild web site is in case you want to have a look there too. It is a very friendly group of like-minded people.

Thanks for visiting.



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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Quaker pyn keepe

I used a motif from a larger freebie chart for this little pyn keepe. I wish I could give credit to the designer, but unfortunately I trimmed up the pages to make it easier to work across the motifs and cut off all the information. If I find it again, I will certainly note the details here.

This was my first pin keep and I can only say it is 'OK'. I think the stitching and finishing are alright, but the little bow on top was a nightmare to make up. I have since found a blog giving hints on how to do it, but too late for this one, which, if you look closely, is still slightly off centre. Believe me, this was in spite of much fiddling, pinning, cursing and sighing. I do not give in without a fight and hate things to be 'not quite' but in this case - !!!!

It was stitched one over one on 28 count using HDF Gandy Tango.

To tell the truth, it was going to be my first Blog Draw too. I recently reached 1,000 views and wanted to celebrate, but it ended up not good enough so I will try again and let you know. Maybe I will just have a draw for no particular reason.

I did a little more stitching too, but that is a gift and not to be shown here yet.

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Pretty cut-glass pin jar.

This is another little find in my quest for sewing bits and bobs. It is a pretty little pin jar with a white metal lid and the word 'Pins' picked out in gold ( I should be so lucky!). The pins were included when I bought it, so I didn't realise at the time that the jar is quite shallow, in fact you can just make out a line about a third of the way up on this photo. This means that the jar is heavy and very stable, but also that when reaching in for a pin, your finger can easily reach the bottom. Those Victorians actually thought quite carefully about how objects would work in practice, didn't they?

I have some stitching to show too, a little Quaker pin keep, sorry - pyn keepe - but I need to charge up the camera first.

Thank you for your previous comments. I love to read them

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