Thursday, 15 September 2011

A posting - finally!

I honestly don't know where the time goes to. I just don't know. It is a month since my last posting.
What have I done in that time?
Not a lot.
Acquired stash?
Well, obviously that goes without saying.
Here is some of it.
I have kitted up BBD Enchanted Raven and Silver Creek's Dandy Dreams.
I think I may start with Dandy Dreams as it could become a Christmas present.
If I can bare to part with it.
Which I won't!
So maybe it will be bath salts again this year!
(Pretending it might be a Chrissy present just eased my conscience as I pressed the 'Proceed with order' button)
Then a generous blogger was having a little stash sale and I bought this variety of small linen pieces which will be yummy for ornaments, which I may well give as gifts.
(Conscience eased again)
And also, from the web, three pairs of spotty scissors.

One in pink, one in blue
and one in green
which I gave away to Anne.
Ah ah, you thought I couldn't count didn't you?

And whilst on holiday I found a little needlework shop and bought the bobbin box which is just right for holding my spools of Nymo thread.
Nymo is a beading thread which is perfect when making up ornaments. I use it to stitch the back stitch border, to whip the sides together and then to attach the beads. It is very strong and doesn't easily fray or break.

And I did a titchy, titchy, tiny amount of stitching.
This little sampler is again for my mum's friend and comes from a book I have had for ages
by Brenda Keyes.
I promised her three and this is the third, but I may do just one more.
This is the first of this year's Christmas ornaments.
Not that I am late starting!
What happened to all those one a month promises?
It is from 2002 JCS Christmas Ornaments issue (recently acquired) and is called Chloe's First Christmas by Homespun Elegance.
This one, when finished (!!!) will be for my mum.
This is freebie by Pineberry Lane.
Carmen from is encouraging me to try some primitive finishing.
She is very kindly sending me some walnut crystals and advice about sprinkling and spraying and baking.
Scary stuff!
So I have stitched this little pinkeep-to-be in preparation.
Don't ask me why the letter 'R' is a different blue. It came from the same skein and didn't look any different as I stitched. is my thinking.
A pioneer woman, bumping along on her conestoga, journeying along the Wyoming trail, in search if a better life for her and her family, deserted by her gun-toting husband, could EASILY have run out of one blue, and not having a LNS close by, and desperate to have a receptacle for her pins which are scattered around the wagon in danger of falling into the sourdough, would have stitched with the closest blue thread she had.
Well, it works for me.
I'm leaving it!!
Thank you to my followers old and new. I really enjoy your comments.
Love Irene xxx