Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mary Garry ornament and computer problems!!

So.... I decided to switch my television, telephone and Internet service to a new provider in the the middle of February - I know - ages ago.

All went well - my TV service and phone were installed ahead of schedule leaving only the final internet connection. On March 18th, on the button, the previous provider turned off my access to the internet and I waited for the new connection to activate. I waited and waited, did a bit of stitching, read a few books, walked the dog - oh - bought a new car (!!!) and still no access.

I phoned my new provider who told me at first that I hadn't ordered the service - as if - and then decided on 'system error'. I had, as you can imagine a long conversation with this young man who finally said "Give me your e-mail address and I'll let you know what's happening with this" ........... mmmmm 'there's a hole in my bucket dear Henry, dear Henry!! So for 10 whole long days I could not use my computer.

At first I was really irritated, then sort of relieved, then just cross. But I'm back now and frantically trying to catch up on all the lovely blogs I read daily.
This a tiny piece stitched over one on 30 count by Mary Garry. This photo shows the piece unfinished with my choice of opaque blue beads - and a small check cotton backing. I was at this stage when the above problems arose, but in the meantime, went on to finish it as below.

It's alright, but I think I wasn't really in the mood for finishing so it is by no means perfect.


This is another crochet blanket, this time for my sister. She bought three enormous cones of wool a while ago at a tiny cost and there is more than enough to finish this blanket. It is lovely to do at the end of the day, the growing blanket keeping my knees warm as I work.

If you hung around waiting for me to write something - thank you so much. I am sorry you had to wait so long,

Love Irene xxx