Monday, 25 May 2009

Lo how a rose - finished!

It seems to have taken me ages to finish this project - not because I didn't enjoy it - I certainly did, but because I just wasn't able to sit down and have a real go at it. However it is finished now and I am very pleased with the result.

I stitched it 1 over 1 on (I think) 28ct cream linen, although the whole thing looks pink here! I used a variety of threads, many of which I just changed as I went along, so difficult to list them. I used mostly Vikki Clayton and Weeks Dye Works. I particularly liked the subtle shading of WDW 'Pelican Grey' which I used for most of the script and 'Basil' for the occasional highlighted letter, such as the 'A' in 'Amid'. Now I need to think about framing!

I think I mentioned a while ago that I do a little teaching at my local needlework store? The store is fairly new, only existing since September'ish 2007. It was begun by two good friends, Linda and Val, who made a 'now or never' decision to leave their jobs in the Health Service and do something they really wanted to do.

So, they began small and have been slowly building the business to now include a really good range of knitting wools along with DMC cottons, including some speciality ones and a variety of charts and kits. They have some thriving craft classes happening throughout the week too.

Sadly, earlier this year Val decided that because of ill health in her family she was unable to devote the time and energy needed to keep the business vibrant and reluctantly left. Linda asked me to volunteer a little time to help and I have been really enjoying doing that. I have been 'working' 2 days a week and love the time I spend there. I really want this enterprise not only to survive but to expand and thrive. Linda is planning to include patchwork and quilting in the shop's repertoire in the autumn so that is an exciting prospect too. I have done some, but not for a long while. Wish us luck!!

If you would like to visit the new web site the address is

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy the sunshine Brits - its rare enough!!


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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lo - Lo from 'Lo'

When I was a teacher, I had to write a lot of reports, or presentations or accounts, and this was the aspect of my job I liked least. So, over time, a strategy developed.

I would prepare for the task ahead.

I would line up papers, - alphabetically, numerically, by size, by colour, sometimes by all four.

I would make important decisions about font size, colour etc.

I would 'arrange' my working area to better utilise the space.

I might even design the front page.

I could be thus gainfully employed for many hours. But I would not actually write the report.

I am a Pisces and I think this is all part of my psyche.

Now I find myself delaying a project because I really really want to do it.

And so it was this weekend.

A very kind friend gave me the chart for 'Lo how a rose' which I have been desperately seeking for ages (Thank you again Helen) and I so wanted to start it that I delayed until quite late last night.


I have no idea!

But now I have started, and I really like the little I have done, so it is full steam ahead.
I am using a variety of threads - a couple of Weeks Dye Works, some Vikki Clayton, the rest DMC on a piece of linen from my stash which I think maybe 28 ct.

I have only Lo to show!

Thank you for your very welcome comments.

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