Monday, 29 September 2008

This morning I walked the dog very early and it was a glorious start to the day. The sand was so smooth and still wet, reflecting the sun's glow. Cold though!

This afternoon I will go to my Cross Stitch get-together. A lovely group of ladies sit and stitch and share. It is organised by my local cross stitch and knitting shop. Our hostess, Linda, will provide tea and biscuits and we will no doubt spend a happy couple of hours there.

I did very little stitching over the weekend, so I am looking forward to picking it up again। My son bought his first totally new car which arrived on Saturday afternoon, it is a Coupe Cabriolet, so obviously we had to do bit of cruisin'whilst the sun shone! However he has taken it to work now so its back to the real world for me.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Can it be this easy??

I have been keeping a written diary of my stitching efforts for some time, always intending to begin a blog eventually।

Today in a bored moment I began the process of creating one, and even now am not sure if I have succeeded.

However - I will press on regardless - just in case!

I have been stitching for many years and now that I have retired from teaching (can it really be two years?) I find I can actually begin a project AND FINISH IT!!!

After always stitching larger projects, I am caught up in the 'smalls' world and although my finishing is not so hot yet, I really enjoy these small challenges.

I have just finished 'Seasons of Trees' which will be a Christmas gift , although it is not framed yet and am working on 'Black Sheep Sampler' by Chessie & Me using the recommended threads but stitching the areas meant for appliqued wool - I didn't have the the felted wool and was desperate to start! This project is proving very quick as it uses an assortment of stitches which pushes you on to the next area.

So it begins - now I only have to add some pics and hope someone reads it!

Fingers crossed xxx