Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bird in Hand. Pup in Trouble.

I have only just got the hang of a mattress finish and really like it, so when I was pondering what to make as a thank you gift for Patti the technological genius and keeper of the 'Tapestry of Dreams' and 'PS I want to quilt too' blogs I remembered a promise made long ago to stitch her
La D Dah's Bird in Hand.

So here it is, now received by Patti who loved it.
This just shows the mattress finish.
It wasn't designed thus, so I added a middle row of crosses for interest.
It is backed with a subtle cream check cotton fabric.

I made two of these.

One I gave away and forgot to photograph and this one.
It is - I think - another La D Dah.
I really like their designs.

I will count this as my first Christmas ornament of 2012.

When you are not involved in a boyfriend/partner/husband relationship with anyone
(pause here for sobs into handkerchief)

it is easy to let Valentine's Day pass you by
(draw deep breath and carry on through bleary eyes)

and I almost did, so this was a quick stitch for my nephew Toby to give to his girlfriend
on Valentine's day.

It is 'Be Mine' by the Sisterhood.
Aw - come on - you knew Bronte had to be here somewhere didn't you???
This is her waking up.
Is she allowed to sleep on the sofa?
Can we get her off the sofa?

Looking out to sea.

This dog, may I tell you, is just fascinated by water.
 So ..... every time we put down a bowl of drinking water she either puts her paw on the edge and drags the bowl backwards, causing a tidal wave until it is empty, or alternately she stands in the bowl on one foot and paddles the water out with the other.

In spite of being politely told that it was too soon to stay here, my mother arrived last week and spent the whole of her time sitting on a sofa barricaded in by the fire guard!
She chose to leave three days early.
(Mmmmm so not all bad then)

But...Bronte also stands on my feet leaning on my leg when she is worried, is inordinately happy to see me every morning, wags her tail in joy all day long, and backs up to the cat wiggling her
little bottom.
The cat is not as impressed by this cuteness as we are.

My clothes are tatty, the cushions are chewed, the garden is empty, the carpet is frayed and the kitchen is flooded - again.
But ...we have decided to keep her.
Thank you so much for calling by
Love Irene xxx
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