Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sea, surf and sun

And drizzly rain!

It is an overcast morning here in the UK so I took my newly finished ornaments outside to photograph them. I set everything up and was only then aware that there was just enough drizzle in the air to curl my newly straightened hair.

The things we do for our art is unbelievable.

I just re-read that. 'Set everything up'. Sounds a bit studio and arty, but I just took a board outside and plonked everything on it. It took me - well - a minute? 

So this is what I have to offer after my long absence from my blog.

Lots of new seasidey themed ornaments for my Summer tree display. They are a bit different from my usual projects. These are stitched with bright primary colours on a white 28 count linen over one thread. I hardly ever do that. Use white linen and primary colours I mean, not stitching over one.

I needed something bright and cheery to get me back into my stitching mood which was lost for a little while.

Shall we look a little closer?

I call these two 'Swim' and 'Sun'.

After much soul searching, I called these two 'Sail' and 'Shell'. I actually think 'Shell' is my favourite as it leans a bit more towards my usual style. The shell is stitched in a Kaalund silk thread. I have a few of these threads which are beautiful soft muted variegated colours.

The seabirds are not by the same designer, but 'Blue Beach Hut' and 'Sailing Ship 5' are. 

I know what you're thinking  - "How does she come up with these titles?' 

It's not that easy, believe me.

Last two.

'Sea' and 'Yellow Beach Hut with Life Belt'. 

They're very summery aren't they? I will display them with some big shells I have and maybe hang a few small shells on the branches too.

One last piece to show you.

I went to a meeting of our local Embroiderer's Guild and the speaker there, Lynne Hardy, was demonstrating traditional Assisi work. So bearing in mind my Seaside theme, I completed these Seahorses. How far-thinking was that? Sadly I was not far-thinking enough to make them into an ornament when I did the others and only remembered them after I had put fabric, stiffening, cord, and the iron away!

I will complete it soon though.

Well, that's it folks, sorry I am so very tardy with my postings.

By the way, did you know that if you press the exclamation / comma key on your iPad keyboard for a little longer than normal you get an apostrophe? Cool eh?

Thank you for staying with me and I hope you enjoyed my peek into those lazy hazy days to come.


Love Irene xxx

PS. The book these designs came from is 'Sand, Sea and Cross stitch' by Anna Field. Forgot to mention that!