Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Do you see what I see?

BYou concentrate, you focus, you stitch. 

You press, you hem, you join, you bead.

And ONLY when it is completely finished and hanging on its appointed twiggy branch, do you see it.

Then you fret, you worry, you blame. You disbelieve.

How could I have done all that and NOT NOTICE?


Do you see what I see?

Look at the little purple flower-thing.        It's all wrong!            Oh my!

I am considering taking it apart to re-stitch the flower, because when I look at this little Spring piece, ALL I SEE IS A MISTAKE. 

Hey ho.

I decided to make a few smalls to hang on my newly-purchased afore-mentioned twiggy tree.

Sadly I don't know who designed them, they were odd charts I found in my growing pile of odd charts.

I impulsively stitched the next one on black 28 count linen. Not a usual choice for Spring but I love the jewel like result. It is edged in purple cord which also made the hanger. All of these ornaments are very small, stitched over one with one strand.

Heartsease? Violas? Pretty though, eh?

Final one for today, although I have four (4!) more stitched and ready to make up.

I know!! 

How good am I?

How dusty is my house?

So this a little blue bird. Like you couldn't see that! I think it may be a freebie but again I don't know by whom.

And to finish..........


Puppy sleeping.

Oh alright, I know she has food stuck to the bottom of ears, but you try washing the face of a hyperactive six-month old Irish Setter.

It's just not going to happen!

I have taken this moment ( for that's all it will be ) whilst both Bronte and Cassie rest and recuperate after their walk this morning, to catch up with my blog. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for your comments - always, always appreciated.

Have a lovely Easter

Irene xxx

Edited - one problem solved, the Blue Bird design is from The Little Stitcher.