Monday, 2 March 2015

Serbian Proverb

I just loved stitching this adaptation of Plum Street Sampler's 'Serbian Proverb'.

I was pondering for a long time about possibly stitching a welcome baby sampler for the girl who helps by walking my two dogs a couple of times a week. I wanted something longer lasting than the usual storks and alphabets but couldn't find anything that seemed just right.

Then I remembered this lovely sampler and thought it was just perfect. I needed to adapt it to fit my needs but that was easy and I hope I didn't spoil the simple spirit of Paulette's design.

I showed the design to my friend and told her with some confidence that it was a 'Surburban Proverb' for my baby walker! 

I tell you, old age and senility are rushing towards me at an alarming speed.

Do you want another example??

My sister bought me two 'Tiny Container Bead Storage Trays' ( I am befuddled remember, so feel free to rearrange those words if need be).

They look like this anyway, you will have seen them around.

I must say, I have had a lovely time and whiled away many happy hours filling the little ( tiny) containers up with my beads. I am not quite finished which is why these are not arranged in colour columns. 


I wouldn't dream of leaving it in this higgledy-piggeldy fashion.


I was filling up some of the containers whilst my friend Anne looked on. I carefully clipped down the lid and then placed them in their column, making sure to put it the opposite way to how I had taken it out. I wanted the lid on top and the clear plastic underneath.

I carried on for some time, with Anne watching. Eventually I remarked " I don't understand why they have put the containers in this way. They need to be the other way up. It doesn't make any sense"

Anne looked at me, and then without saying a word, leaned over and carefully turned the whole tray round.

I looked at her and we laughed so hard. It was ages before we could compose ourselves.

Before she left she helpfully gave my son the names of a couple of Homes for the Bewildered that he might want to check out.

"Soon" she said "You need to do it soon"

Well that's it for today. 

We had Spring here in England this morning with blue skies, sunshine and snowdrops and Winter this afternoon with real snow drops. Brrrrrr.

Lots of love
Irene xxx