Sunday, 3 February 2013

Scarlet Letter sampler Diligence.

Thought I would start with a little splash of colour.

The daffodils are out in the shops and are so inexpensive and pretty that they can be a little glow of Spring in every corner.

I am really enjoying working on the sampler I chose for the Scarlet Letter challenge. I was a little too late to join the original one hundred, but am part of the second group on Blog 2.

After much deliberation I chose Diligence and this is my progress so far.

The colours are bright and beautiful and the AVAS thread so lovely to work with.

A close up of the corner. The thread for the daisy petals was a little too yellow I thought, so I substituted AVAS creme which is a little lighter without being bright white.

I have used rice stitch, double running ( or in my world - back stitch ) and the dreaded queen stitch. I was going to ask my friend Anne to do all those for me, but seeing as she is stitching the same sampler on our Thursday night SAL it did seem a little unfair. I am just doing them and trying not to worry about it. They are the pink blobs in the middle of the green diagonal border, so - who knows if they are good or bad?

I also recently finished stitching Parson Brown, although he is not 'finished' in the true sense of the word.

He was a lovely stitch, started when the snow was falling outside.

But now we have daffodils.

Hey ho.

Lots of love and thank you for reading.

Irene xxx