Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I've filled my little basket!

A new year affects people in different ways. Just read a few blogs and you'll see.

Some look back, often in wonder, at what they have achieved. How many promises made and kept. How many projects finished.

Some look forward in anticipation, lists of new projects, penned with determined strokes, stretching far out into the future.

I do none of this.

I can't remember what I stitched in 2012. If I had kept up with my blogging I would have some idea, but I did not, so I do not.

I have one project on order for 2013, but aside from that I shall blow with the wind! I will see where my whims and fancies take me. I will dilly and dally along the way. I will care not a jot!

The changing of 12 to13 did have an unexpected affect on me though. I felt an overwhelming need to finish things. So I did and will show you some now.

These are four of the pears designed and freely offered by Marly from Samplers and Santas. I had five, but gave one away as a Christmas gift. It had to be forcibly removed from my clutching fingers. But I will stitch it again and try to keep up to date with her monthly designs. ( not a promise, more a pleasure)

This is a set of Prairie Schooler patriotic strawberries. I used a slightly faded variegated red and blue and really liked the effect. The red is WDW Brick, but I can't remember the blue! I finished these with little stalks of rolled felt rather than hangers.

It's too late in the year to go on about Christmas ornaments, but I thought I would show a few - just for the record!

This is quite tiny, stitched over one. I showed it to my son who thought it was a postage stamp!

This one is really pretty. Quaker Birds by LHN, again stitched over one and finished with little iridescent droplets. I gave this to a favourite aunt - she would have needed to be a favourite! I am sooooo mean!

Now a project that is started and will be ongoing this year. I am just loving doing it and would have been further on if I had not been distracted by the need to produce Christmas ornaments. It is Tall Year Square by Betsy Morgan.

It is a tall box with seasonal sides and the cube, which was our class pre-stitching, sits inside the box. Here you can see the Autumn side finished and the Winter side begun with the matching sides of the cube showing.

This is a luscious project to work on.

The linen is so beautiful and the threads are - well - luscious! They are Gloriana and if I could, I would have them all for my stash. The colours are so beautifully dyed and the thread never, NEVER, catches or knots. The sheen on the finished stitching, especially the long stitches is just amazing.

My one definite new start this year is a Scarlet Letter sampler. My friend Anne and I are taking part in the challenge and after much discussion we have chosen 'Diligence' to stitch in the silks. It is ordered and we are desperate to start. It will be our Thursday evening stitch-along. We will encourage each other, but hopefully we will stitch diligently to the end.

See what I did there???

I don't seem to blog often, but when I do, I try to give value for money, so thank you if you got this far.

I see I have crept over the 100 followers mark, so welcome my friends, I hope you find something to interest you here.

I will give news of the two dogs, Bronte and Meghan, next time, suffice to say Bronte just careered from one misdeed to another yesterday and was in trouble all day. One of the very bad things she did concerns one of Marly's lovely sampler boxes!


Lots of love
Irene xxx