Friday, 7 September 2012

Quaker ball- finally bouncing.

Here she is - my Quaker ball finished.

In fact the whole finish was very easy, much easier than I had anticipated, but it took quite a long time.

This artistic (!) photo makes the ball look as though it is floating in a sort of ephemeral way, but it's not, it's sitting on top of the glass funnel of a candle stick-thing.

I roughly counted how many sides I had to stitch together, and it's about 54.


That's about 13 small ornament finishes.

And you thought I was just sitting here!

I showed it my son who thought it was a lovely ball - for the dogs to play with.

I wonder where he is now, that boy of mine.

I have to tell you a perfectly true story.

I was sitting quietly stitching together the two halves of the ball and as I was nearing the end, with only a few sides left open for stuffing, I began to realise that it would actual take quite a bit of filling to get that firm finish I was wanting.

I worried that I might not have enough filling to finish the job and thought I had better check.

I walked through the house to the room where I store my sewing stuff.

And saw this.

Honestly - this is what I found -

While I had been in my far-away-happy-stitching place, Bronte had chewed up a cushion.

So.......problem solved then.

I finish today with this little photo; taken in bright sunshine, but so pretty I thought I would share it.

I found, in an antiques fair, this old test tube stand, and I use it to display small flowers and greenery throughout the year. I think these little flowers are some kind of anemone. They grow almost wild in my garden, but I never planted a single seed.
Nature is wonderful isn't it?

We are having a lovely September here in England, hope you are too.

Thank you for your most welcome comments.

Love Irene xxx

PS. Lucy, I tried to email you but it just kept returning. Can only think 28 or 30 count linen for the Spring Rabbits. xxx

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