Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thistlewood - finally finished!

In 2010 I attended a class organised by The Sampler Guild here in the UK and taught by Jackie Du Plessis.
There were three projects to complete, Briar Rose (tick) Treasure of Comforts (tick) and this third project, Thistlewood.

Now Thistlewood has been languishing in my 'to do' drawer ever since.

I almost completed the Thimble / Pin keep during the class - but then discovered that the grosgrain binding was joining at the top rather than the bottom - so disheartened, I dismantled it and put it away.

Recently I was asked about it and so I retrieved  it from its resting place, blew off the cobwebs
( yes, really -  cobwebs)
and decided just to finish it.

Not to mess about with it, not to play with it, not to worry about it,
just to finish it.

So here it is.

Ta da!!!

The first picture above is the roll wrapped, with its matching thread waxer and thistle scissor fob.

This is the grosgrain tie at the back ( and the thread waxer in case you missed it first time) 

Here we have the roll opened out and looking a bit crinkled.
The stitching here was the pre-stitching for the class.
Jackie mostly talked us through the various finishing techniques.

The inside showing the detachable thimble / pin keep and some of the pockets and needle pages.

I realise it is quite difficult to see because of the rich purple and green silk, but I hope you can see that the inside fittings were quite complex - and not a little off putting! 

Here are the two sides of the thimble keep with the little thistle scrims.

Oh I know its a bit wobbly - but hey - it is finished!

Now to see some of the pockets.

Above a little two opening 'free standing' pocket tied with a silk ribbon.

The thimble keep in place ready for rolling up and the wool needle pages with the little fluff remover gadget with a crystal thistle end.
The final two pockets.
The purple one with its little pleated thistle shaped extra pocket, gathered in with the silk ribbon again
and lastly
the green one with a different method of gathering with ribbon.
So what do you think then?
Not perfect, but on display and no longer the home of choice for holidaying spiders.

Before I finish, can you say
'thistle scissor fob'
'little thistle scrims'
20 times without stumbling
Not easy!

Welcome to my new followers and thank you everyone for all your lovely comments last time.

Love Irene xxx
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