Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Not totally puppy - honestly

I am aware that this blog could easily become dedicated to the exploits of my two dogs, especially this little one.

So I am going to try hard not to let that happen, but to just show the occasional picture as she grows, and the odd sentence about her development.

So... she had her visit to the vet today and her first vaccination and she behaved very well except for wriggling to be down on the floor and crying pathetically when I wouldn't let her.

Nicola asked how Meghan had accepted her?
Well sadly - not very well at all.
I thought that she would be fine, but she is very jealous and tired of being attacked by Bronte's needle-like teeth.
She climbs onto the chair and tucks herself in, but nothing saves her as Bronte runs across the floor and launches herself at her.

We are trying to give Meg some peace by leaving Bronte in another room for a while, and by taking her out alone for a walk, and just to be in the car with us when we go shopping.

We are really hoping that the situation will improve and it may have done a little yesterday when Meghan seemed slightly more tolerant of the ninja pup.

Now briefly to things more creative.

This is a stained glass pear I finished just before Christmas at my class.
It was difficult to photograph, and it is a bit wobbly-edged, but not too bad.
I made this as a Christmas gift for my friend Anne.

It was my first mattress finish, but will hopefully not be my last as I really enjoyed the finishing.

It is 'A Quaker Pincushion' by Carriage House Samplings.
I used Hand-dyed-fibres rather than the recommended Au Ver a Soie and stitched it over two (text over one) on 36 ct Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens.

Anne gave me this in return.
It is a 3 sided quaker ornament with different quaker motives on each of its three sides.and beautifully finished.

Not beautifully photographed - but beautifully finished.
Thank you so much Anne.

I tried and failed once before to show pictures of Helmsley, a little market town in North Yorkshire which we visit often.

I got the pics then from their web site and they didn't show up on my blog, so master photographer that I am (as illustrated by Anne's ornament above) I took these myself.

This little stream runs along the back on the market square.

This shows a typical stone-built building and the bridge over the stream,
and below another view from that bridge.
It is a pretty little town and very popular with visitors.
There we go then - not totally puppy.
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about Bronte. It was so nice to read them.
She is lovely and sloppy puppy kisses are the best. And I am trying not to mind that she has just pulled the braid off the chair.
I have new followers too, so welcome to you especially and I hope I can produce something of interest for you when you visit.
Love Irene xxx

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bronte arrives

Is this the most glorious creature you have ever seen?

This is Bronte, our new Irish Setter puppy and she is wonderful
( and eating the cushion as I type!)
The light was not good for pictures so I sat her on the desk where I have the computer and she promptly fell asleep.
She is a little butter barrel with enormous paws.

And very NAUGHTY!
Yes - looking innocent here, but notice the shoe behind her?


But who could not love such a face?

She seeks company all the time and yesterday fell asleep with her head snuggled under my chin
snuffling and mewling softly and dreaming.

And maybe missing her mum and dad and 11 brothers and sisters?
We'll try to take their place in her life.

I'll try to post more pictures soon, but now there are little widdlies to be dealt with.

I doubt I will ever sew again.

Wish me luck.
Irene xxx

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