Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shhhh - not a word

I have stitched a couple of small things - and I've started on a Christmas pressie for my Mum - but I have nothing much finished to show. I don't think I have shared this with you though and I do like it very much.

This is Mocking Bird by La D Da. I used their recommended linen - if only I could remember what that was - and substituted HDF threads by Vikki Clayton. I am pleased with the colours I've chosen except that his little feet have almost disappeared. I'm afraid he looks a bit grounded, in real life and even more so in this very poor photo. He is framed, so that accounts for some of the wonkiness of the picture. Don't ask!!!!

So - I have a man in at the moment.

Not a handsome, suave, debonair, ready-for-love at the drop of a hat, man.

(I should be so lucky.)

( Well - I should be if I could be bothered with all of that, but I can't)

But anyway - back to the story.

He's a very nice workman.

He is renovating my windows. I live in a Victorian house and the windows are those old sash windows which I really like. But most of mine have, after a hundred years of less than precise painting, been sealed shut.

I need then to pose the question - why is it that although they are painted shut and will not moved by a herd of angry elephants, the wind whistles through them like a hurricane and leaves me shivering in my favourite (stitching) chair all through the long Northern winter???

I know, another of life's mysteries.

But Derek - for indeed that is his name - is mending them for me. He is making them open, top and bottom, replacing sash cords and weights, burning off the old paint, re-painting them and draught proofing them.

Which is all good. And he's no bother.

But..isn't it unsettling when things are going on in your house? I am in a constant mood of unsettlement. I feel not ready for anything. This blog, mundane as it is, has required considerable effort this morning.

Sorry it wasn't more exciting!!

Irene xxx
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