Monday, 18 January 2010

Christmas - what Christmas?

I know .... it is ages since I last posted.

I'm not sure why really.

I am sewing quite a lot, but I haven't taken any recent photos and I prefer to have a picture to talk about if I am going to blog. Reason number 1!

Then my mum is still staying with me whilst my sister and her partner renovate their 1900's house and somehow my mind is unsettled and my routine shattered. That's number 2.

Then there's number 3. Well actually ...... I can't think of a number 3 right now.

The picture is the second Christmas ornament from the Staci Nash 'Simply Early Christmas' I spoke about so long ago. It has a mainly red bead border with a cluster of green beads at the corners and is finished with a little bead hanger.

I am lucky enough to be attending a class in May run by Jackie Du Plessis and organised through The Sampler Guild. We will be finishing 3 projects, 'Thistlewood' - a necessaire and tiny pin cushion, the 'Briar Rose' etui and 'Treasures of Comfort' needle book. I have been waiting to finish a couple on WIP's before starting the pre-class stitching for these, but now I'm off!!!

I began with the 'Treasures of Comfort' and I am really enjoying the challenge. At this early stage it is basically two columns of speciality stitches in squares. My eyesight is quite good for close work, but I find I am using a magnifying glass to check the placement of almost every stitch, so very slow progress!!! This is my first chance to attend such a teaching class and I am really worried that people will look at my work and think 'Good Grief'. I also have a fear that nothing will fit together at the end.

Andrea - lovely to hear from you and this next bit is just for you!

I don't teach at the class any more so I am not sure what is happening - its a long story! The shop is closed on a Monday so our original class is definitely finished, but there may be one on Wednesday morning with the beading class or a new one was scheduled for Thursday morning. I really don't know if that took off. Anne and I meet at my home on a Thursday evening to sew and you are very welcome to join us. I think Helen and Joan may join too soon. Could you leave some form of contact and I'll get in touch with you? I think my e-mail address is in my blog profile.

Sorry everyone else who might wander by - that's a reply to a comment from a lost friend!

I hope to be a bit more active on here now. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and will join me in looking forward to a peaceful and healthy New Year. (Well - only about 11 months now!)

Irene xxx
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